Fashion for a Cause!

Check out all the latest styles and support the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Dirigo Pines’ Fashion Show coming August 22 from 1-3:30.

Christopher Banks and Valentine Footwear will be showcasing beautiful designs with Dirigo residents and staff serving as the fashion models!

Christopher Banks will also be offering 40% off items that they will have available at the show for purchase, and raffling off a complete outfit to one lucky winner! Enjoy other prizes, along with free refreshments!

All proceeds will be donated to the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Katie Luce, Community Events Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter will be in attendance!

RSVP by August 10 to or call 866-3400!

Take a Stroll Around the Orono Bog Walk

Summer in Maine is best enjoyed outdoors! Very nearby Dirigo Pines is the Orono Bog Walk — a popular destination for walking, as well as running and biking on the connected trails of the Bangor City Forest (click here for more about the City Forest).

The Orono Bog Walk is a 1-mile boardwalk loop that begins at the forested wetland edge in the Bangor City Forest, and after 800 feet crosses the Orono town line into the portion of the Orono Bog owned by the University of Maine. Along the way, the boardwalk passes through a wide range of changing vegetation and environments on its way to the open, peat moss carpeted center of the Orono Bog.

It’s a fascinating and educational walk, allowing visitors to observe the colorful bog, its tranquil beauty and the amazing plants and animals that call the bog home. Signs with illustrations help visitors spot interesting plant and animal life along the way. 

Hours through Labor Day are 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The boardwalk is a wheelchair-friendly facility, and benches for rest and contemplation are provided at least every 200 feet. Please note that dogs are not permitted on the Bog Walk.

Nature walks are scheduled throughout the summer, guided by experts in their respective fields that provide insights into the ecology and natural history of the flora and fauna found along the boardwalk. Learn more and find a calendar by clicking here.

On Saturday, August 31, Allie Gardner, University of Maine Assistant Professor of Arthropod Vector Biology, School of Biology and Ecology will lead a tick and mosquito walk at the Boardwalk. Meet at the cabin at the start of the Boardwalk at 9 a.m.

Test Your Knowledge: Summer in Maine

Summer in Maine is full of endless opportunities for travel and staycationing at its finest. Summon your knowledge of Maine day-trips within a short drive of Dirigo Pines, and take the quiz — or better yet, quiz your friends on the way to your summer destination.

  1. Maine’s famed Acadia National Park is only about an hour from Dirigo Pines.

    John D. Rockefeller, Jr. donated more than 10,000 acres of land to the park, and helped designed the road system that runs through the park. Name that road system: 

    1. Acadia Avenues
    2. Island Explorer Trails
    3. Carriage Roads
  2. A visit to Portland (just 2 hours from Dirigo Pines) isn’t complete without a visit to the state’s oldest lighthouse. Name that lighthouse:
    1. Portland Head Light
    2. Bug Light
    3. Spring Point Ledge
  3. Ogunquit (about 2.5 hours from Dirigo Pines) offers tourists miles of sandy beaches and the famed Marginal Way walking path. In Algonquin, “Ogunquit” means:
    1. Beautiful Place By The Sea
    2. Many Will Visit Here
    3. Excellent Fishing
  4. Just an hour and a half from Dirigo Pines, you’ll find Moosehead Lake and the town of Greenville. Visitors can tour the lake on a steamboat built in 1914 that was once used to tow logs. Name that boat:
    1. The Big Moose
    2. The Katahdin
    3. The Lily Bay

Bonus Question: The Maine Lobster Festival ( is being held this week in Rockland (only 1.5 hours away), another popular tourist destination. Maine is the world leader in lobster. Last year, how many millions of pounds of lobsters were caught in Maine?


  1. C. The Carriage Roads and stone bridges in Acadia National Park were constructed between 1913 and 1940 for hikers, bikers, horseback riders and carriages.
  2. A. Portland Head Light is in nearby Cape Elizabeth and was commissioned by George Washington.
  3. A. Ogunquit’s Marginal Way connects the center of town to Perkins Cove, a small fishing village.
  4. B. The boat is known as the Kate around town and was built at Bath Iron Works.

Bonus: In 2018, the Maine Lobster catch was 119 million pounds, over $484 million worth.

Fun and Fashion!

Enjoy fun and fashion for a great cause on Thursday, August 22 from 1-3:30 at Dirigo Pines.

In partnership with Christopher Banks and Valentine Footwear, Dirigo Pines is sponsoring a fashion show featuring all the latest styles and fashions.

Christopher Banks will also be offering 40% off items that they will have available at the show for purchase. Please join us for what is sure to be a great time for all. Residents and Staff of Dirigo Pines will serve as our fashion models!

Christopher and Banks will also be raffling off a complete outfit to one lucky winner and there will be other prizes, along with free refreshments!

All proceeds will be donated to the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Katie Luce, Community Events Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association, Maine Chapter will be in attendance!

RSVP by August 10 to or call 866-3400!

Try a Geocaching “Treasure” Hunt

Summer in Maine is great time to get outside and explore. All around Dirigo Pines are amazing spots to hike, walk and enjoy the great outdoors. One fun way to explore is geocaching — finding small treasures hidden all around you along common hiking and walking trails.

There are lots of geocaches to discover around Dirigo Pines. Using your phone or GPS device, download a geocaching app, and you’ll can find hundreds of local “treasures” — usually a small waterproof container containing a logbook. The app on your phone will provide precise coordinates — usually just to the side of a trail, often semi-hidden under a unique rock formation or interesting tree root.

Searching and discovering a cache or two or three is a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon with friends or family. After signing the logbook, the cache must be placed back exactly where you found it. Larger containers can also contain items for trading, such as toys or trinkets — bring a tiny treasure with you to trade!

Discover summer fun and health with a hike to hunt for hidden treasure — try these nearby spots for lots of geocaching fun:

Test Your Knowledge: Happy 4th!

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate America — let’s see how much you know about the history and traditions of this special holiday. Quiz yourself or quiz your friends and test your Independence Day knowledge…

  1. Independence Day first became a federal holiday in:
    1. 1776
    2. 1870
    3. 1920
  2. The Declaration of Independence was signed by how many men from the 13 original colonies?
    1. 13
    2. 39
    3. 56
  3. Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
    1. Benjamin Franklin
    2. Thomas Jefferson
    3. John Hancock
  4. Only 2 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence went on to become president. Name them.
  5. Three of the first five U.S. presidents died on July 4. Name all 3. 

Bonus Question: Name the 13 original colonies. 1 point per colony!


  1. B. 1870. In 1938, Congress changed Independence Day to a paid federal holiday.
  2. C. 56
  3. A. Benjamin Franklin — he was 70 years old. Thomas Lynch, Jr (27) was the youngest.
  4. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Elbridge Gerry also signed and later served as vice president under James Madison. He was also known for dividing electoral districts for political gain — now known as “gerrymandering.”
  5. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Adams and Jefferson (who both signed the Declaration) died on the same day within hours of each other in 1826.

Bonus: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.

Living in Vacationland – July 2019

Welcome to summer in Vacationland! Tourists travel hundreds of miles to visit Maine and experience what we’ve got right in our own backyard. July is a great time to take advantage of living in Maine — here are just a few of the fun activities going on within a short drive of Dirigo Pines.

  • Moxie Festival: Celebrate a uniquely Maine soda with fireworks, block party, parade, petting zoo, 5K run, concerts and more! Whether you’re a fan or just trying Moxie for the first time, this event is all about having fun. July 12-14 in Lisbon (about 1.5 hours from Dirigo Pines). Click here for more info.
  • Maine International Film Festival: Showcasing 100 premier releases of American independent and international cinema, classic revivals, inspiring performances, exhibitions, and community workshops. July 12-21 in Waterville (about 1 hour from Dirigo Pines). Click here to learn more.
  • Bucksport Bay Festival: The Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to celebrate “Small Town Americana“ at this year’s 22nd Annual Bucksport Bay Festival, a three-day event on the Bucksport Waterfront and Main Street. The waterfront will play host to fireworks, dinghy races, food vendors, local craftsmen, and a full slate of local musicians on the Town Dock Stage with featured performances by Motor Booty Affair and more!  July 19-21 in Bucksport (about 30 minutes from Dirigo Pines). Click here to learn more.
  • Maine Lobster Festival: What’s more Maine than lobster? The Maine Lobster Festival is five days of fun and feasting on the fabulous coast of Maine! July 31-August 4 in Rockland (about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Dirigo Pines. Click here for details.

What’s your favorite Maine summer festival? Comment below!

Take a Hike: Fields Pond Audubon Center

Happy First Day of Summer! The weather is finally starting to cooperate, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy it. There are dozens of amazing hiking trails all around Dirigo Pines, perfect for exploring, relaxing, and taking in some nature.

Nearby at Fields Pond Audubon Center (about 20 minutes away — click here for driving directions) in Holden, you’ll find the perfect escape whether you want to hike, bird watch or just enjoy a nice picnic. The 192-acre property offers a gorgeous hiking trails in Ravine Trail, just off the parking lot, that features rock stairways and stepping stones across a small stream. The Lakeshore Trail travels over a 300-foot cedar boardwalk and offers views of Fields Pond.

If you’re a bird watcher or nature lover, you’re in luck. More than 20 varieties of butterflies have been recorded at the sanctuary, along with 130 bird species. The Maine Audubon Nature Store offers books, bird feeders, binoculars and more, as well as trail maps.

Learn more by clicking here, and visit the center for yourself this summer! The center offers fun events throughout the year, including guided nature walks, bird talks, and moonlight paddles on the pond.

Give Dad the Gift of Experience with these Fun June Events

There are lots of fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day that don’t involve a new tie. Think outside the box and give the gift of experience this year. There are lots of fun happenings all around Dirigo Pines this month — take Dad and the whole family for an outing they won’t forget.

Waterfront Concerts

Just 15 minutes from Dirigo Pines, you’ll find some of the biggest names in music (and comedy and more) performing at the Bangor Waterfront. The concert season kicks into high gear in June, featuring the Outlaw Music Festival on June 14 with Willie Nelson, Phil Lesh, Alison Krause and more. Visit for tickets and more shows!

Best of the North Fest 

Beer, food and music might be the perfect trio for Dad’s gift this year. Check out this all day celebration of Maine breweries, food trucks, and fun musical tribute acts on the Bangor Waterfront. Coming June 22. Click for details.

Whoopie Pie Festival

Speaking of great food, what’s a more “Maine” way to spend time with Dad than at the Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft (less than an hour from Dirigo Pines) on June 22. Taste-test, dance, and have an all around good time with the whole family.

Portland Sea Dogs Game

Catch a ballgame with Dad at Portland’s Hadlock Field (2 hours from Dirigo Pines) and watch Maine’s own minor league baseball team. Sea Dogs games are fun for everyone with affordable tickets and concessions and plenty of action. For a full schedule, click here.

Test Your Knowledge: Defining Dirigo

Dirigo Pines is named after Maine’s state motto: Dirigo. It’s on the flag, the Maine coat of arms, the state seal. But what does it mean? Quiz yourself or quiz your friends and test your Dirigo knowledge…

  1. The word “Dirigo” is latin for:
    1. Pine Tree State
    2. I Lead
    3. Oceanside
  2. What analogy of “Dirigo” is represented on the state seal?
    1. North Star
    2. Moose
    3. Pine Tree
  3. What two professions are represented on the state seal?
    1. Blueberry Picker and Lobsterman
    2. Farmer and Sailor
    3. Football Player and Businessman
  4. Maine was a part of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, until what year? 
    1. 1790
    2. 1805
    3. 1820
  5. One other way Maine leads the nation is being the first to see what?
    1. The sunrise
    2. Election results
    3. Blackflies in the summer

Bonus Question: Besides Dirigo, name 5 other Maine nicknames or slogans. 1 point per answer!



  1. B. Dirigo is Latin for “I Direct” or “I Lead.”
  2. A. The North Star is considered the mariner’s guide, just as Maine was the leader or guide for the nation. Maine was once been the only state to hold its elections in September and that how we got the phrase “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.”
  3. B. Farmer and Sailor. A farmer rests on his scythe and a sailor leans on an anchor.
  4. C. 1820. On March 15, 1820, under the Missouri Compromise, Maine was admitted to the Union as the 23rd state.
  5. A. The summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park and Lubec, Maine are 2 of the first spots to see the sunrise each morning. Though, the blackfly answer could be debated too 🙂

Possible Bonus Answers: The Pine Tree State, Vacationland, Worth a Visit – Worth a Lifetime, The Way Life Should Be, Where America’s Day Begins. How many more can you come up with?