6 Reasons Summer is Always Sunny at Dirigo

The first day of summer is drawing near and already the days are warm and full of sunshine. Even as we limit our summer travel plans and stick closer to home, there are plenty of reasons to love summer at Dirigo Pines. If you’re looking to make a move soon, here are six sunny reasons to consider retirement at Dirigo Pines…

  1. The Sunshiny Faces. Moving to a new town or a new neighborhood, means meeting lots of new people. And Dirigo has some of the best! Our residents come from all over the world with incredibly colorful stories to share. Artists, musicians, college professors, outdoor enthusiasts, world travelers – you never know who you might meet. And when the time comes to resume our normal social activities, Dirigo is the place to be for Bridge, Cribbage and Mah Jong groups, singing Songsters, regular art classes, Bible study groups, and much more. And our staff is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll find caring faces and staff ready to help around every corner.
  2. The Furry Faces. Not all of the residents at Dirigo Pines are human. Our pet friendly campus is home to a wide variety of cats, dogs and feathered friends. During these times of social distancing, having a pet to spend time with has become even more meaningful. And when regular visiting resumes at our facility, we’ll be welcoming back visits from a variety of therapy animals for all residents to enjoy.
  3. Take it Outside: Just about everyone looks forward to summer in Maine, basking in the sunshine, hiking a trail, smelling the lilacs, and digging in the warm earth. Our residents are amazing gardeners, from the massive flower gardens tended to by our cottage residents to the dozens of raised vegetable beds our Inn residents look after. And for those looking for other ways to get outside, Dirigo Pines offers walking trails and groomed paths, which connect in with the Orono Land Trust’s Sklar Park trail system.
  4. Dining Alfresco: Dirigo Chef Lew Stubbs and his incredible team in the kitchen make mouth-watering meals that leave residents raving. Using locally sourced produce and seafood is important to the team, and ensures high quality, fresh and delicious meals. And for extra convenience, we offer an All Day Dining Program, a unique concept designed to provide residents freedom of choice with options like breakfast for dinner or lunch at 2 p.m. rather than noon. And our large outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny meal. Love cooking at home? We share lots of great recipes from the American Heart Association and more on this blog! Click here for a full list of Dirigo Dish recipes! 
  5. Outdoor Fun. There are lots of ways to enjoy the great outdoors without even leaving the Dirigo Pines campus. Our Piney Knoll Putting Green is the perfect spot to dust off your short game and spend some time outside. Or cast a line in one of our two stocked fishing ponds. The ponds are surrounded by trails and benches, and it’s not uncommon to spot a deer, Canada geese or a heron enjoying the natural beauty.

We look forward to connecting virtually with you until it’s safe to resume our in-person visits. With a variety of living options as well as wellness, cultural and educational programs offered daily, this is the place for you to live your best life—exactly as you want. For more information, schedule a virtual visit, call 1-866-344-3400 or email info@dirigopines.com.

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