Bridging the Social Distance

Staying connected with friends and family is more important than ever — and more challenging. As we continue to keep our physical distance, here are some clever ways to stay in touch with those you love, besides phone calls and online Zoom chats.

  • Remote Acts of Kindness: Surprise a loved one with a gift in the mail or an online gift card in their email. There’s nothing more fun or special than finding a small surprise package in your mailbox, like a new book or game or art supplies. You can even send gift cards virtually to someone through email so they can pick out a special gift of their own.
  • Secret Summer Santa: Speaking of fun surprises, how about drawing names within a group of friends or family and doing a quarantine secret Santa? Have each person surprise someone with a silly gift in the mail to make them laugh.
  • Create an Online Book Club: Love reading? Get your favorite group of book worms together and create a virtual book club. Everyone reads the same book each month, then set a time to Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Hangout to discuss your pick over a glass of wine.
  • Virtual Story Time: Grandparents can stay connected with little ones by reading a bedtime story or chapter book (one chapter at a time) over the web — or recording the reading and sharing with multiple grandkids through YouTube. You might even pick up some extra followers outside of your family!
  • Snail Mail Pen Pal: Exchanging letters, artwork and homemade cards through the mail is a fun way to stay connected, whether it’s with an old friend or a grandchild. It’s a great way to kids to keep those reading, writing and spelling skills going during the summer too!
  • Play Time: Whether it’s Words with Friends (an online Scrabble game), online Exploding Kittens, — there are countless options out there to enjoy some fun and games online. Many of your favorite traditional board games like Uno and Monopoly now offer online versions to check out as well.

Have your own great way of staying connected during these days of social distancing? Share it in the comments below!


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