Connecting with Mom

Celebrating events like Mother’s Day without actually getting to hug and visit with Mom is challenging, to say the least. Here are a few ways to connect with Mom and stay safe.

Write It Down: Cards are great, but personal touches like artwork from grandchildren, photos, poems and warm wishes make getting mail all the more heartfelt.

Virtually Connect: An online visit is better than no visit — seeing a smiling face and chatting online is a great way stay connected. Add in a story time with little ones or fun online games (Good Housekeeping offers this great list) to keep the connection going.

Fun & Games: Send Mom something fun to do while staying at home. A great book (if you both read the same book, connect later for a virtual book club), puzzle, new game or cribbage board all make quarantine a little more entertaining.

Sharing is Caring: One thing families love to share is food. Connect online and cook up a special family recipe together from the safety of your own individual kitchens, or create a family cookbook to share with loved ones.

Relax: A package with bath salts, a candle, a meditation how-to book and chocolates can help make Mom’s time at home more relaxing and enjoyable.

Have your own ideas to make this a memorable Mother’s Day? Share below!


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