Celebrating Grandparents Day!

What’s more grand than getting to watch children grow and bloom. Being a grandparent is a special gift in itself — and celebrating Grandparents Day this Sunday, Sept. 8 with young ones makes it all the more fun. Here are a few ideas for spending some time together this weekend — or any time of the year!

Take a Hike

People of all ages can appreciate spending time in nature, spotting wildlife, listening to the birds and enjoying some sunshine together. Dirigo Pines offers beautiful nature trails to enjoy with family (click here for more information), and nearby you’ll find more perfect spots for a stroll or hike. Just minutes away is the Orono Bog Walk — the perfect length of a leisurely walk and full of natural fun and surprises (click here for more info). Or head to Fields Pond Audubon Center, just 20 minutes away, to do a little hiking, bird watching or paddle the lake (click here for details).

Share a Family Recipe

It’s not secret that grandmas already have the best cookies and treats — but sometimes their recipes are. Share your secret recipe for ginger snaps, coffee cake or whatever your speciality dish might be. Getting messy in the kitchen with little ones creates lasting memories for everyone.

Growing Together

Not a baker, but maybe you have a green thumb? Sharing your gardening know-how — kids are always willing to dig in the dirt or help harvest ripe fruits and veggies. Planting seeds, watching them grow and reaping the rewards is all part of the fun.

Get Crafty

Share your love of knitting, sowing, painting or creating with your grandkids. Creating something beautiful and useful from simple supplies can have a lasting effect. You find lots of ideas online as well to help you find the perfect craft based on the child’s age and skill level.

Sharing and spending time together this Grandparents Day is the perfect way to create new memories and a lasting bond.

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