Test Your Knowledge: Happy 4th!

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate America — let’s see how much you know about the history and traditions of this special holiday. Quiz yourself or quiz your friends and test your Independence Day knowledge…

  1. Independence Day first became a federal holiday in:
    1. 1776
    2. 1870
    3. 1920
  2. The Declaration of Independence was signed by how many men from the 13 original colonies?
    1. 13
    2. 39
    3. 56
  3. Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
    1. Benjamin Franklin
    2. Thomas Jefferson
    3. John Hancock
  4. Only 2 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence went on to become president. Name them.
  5. Three of the first five U.S. presidents died on July 4. Name all 3. 

Bonus Question: Name the 13 original colonies. 1 point per colony!


  1. B. 1870. In 1938, Congress changed Independence Day to a paid federal holiday.
  2. C. 56
  3. A. Benjamin Franklin — he was 70 years old. Thomas Lynch, Jr (27) was the youngest.
  4. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Elbridge Gerry also signed and later served as vice president under James Madison. He was also known for dividing electoral districts for political gain — now known as “gerrymandering.”
  5. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Adams and Jefferson (who both signed the Declaration) died on the same day within hours of each other in 1826.

Bonus: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.

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