Social Butterflies

Making new friends can be a challenge at any age, but it seems to get harder as we get older. At Dirigo Pines, we offer a wide range of opportunities to stay active, meet new people and participate in fun and games. Did you know staying social can directly impact your physical and mental health? Studies show that seniors in retirement communities participate in a wide range of organized activities, which help minimize isolation, improve mobility and more.

At Dirigo Pines it really is easy to stay social — social hours, game clubs, shopping trips, movie nights, religious services, songsters, musical entertainment, books clubs, guest speakers, crafting, paint and sips, exercise groups and opportunities to go out to eat are just a few of the regular offerings.

Click here to see What’s Going On at Dirigo Pines.

We’re always sure to make time for laughter, connection and friendship, and include those ideals in everything we do. We encourage everyone—not just our residents but also our team—to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, helping build a culture that celebrates every moment in our journey together.

Come see for yourself what retirement at Dirigo Pines looks like. Call 1-866-344-3400 or email for more information or to schedule a visit.

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