Take a Hike – at Dirigo Pines!

Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a crisp autumn walk among Maine’s changing foliage and sprinkles of snow? Dirigo Pines’ campus offers winding picturesque trails that connect in with the Orono Land Trust’s Sklar Park trail system, a 40-acre parcel situated at the west end of Main St., between Route 2 and I-95. Among the falling leaves and snow and occasional wildlife, you’ll find some interesting features, outlined in our trail brochures which were developed by our residents and are available at the trail entrance behind the Dirigo Pines Inn. 

The Interpretive Trail Loop, with informational signs posted along the way, is .67 miles and loops around the Dirigo Pines’ campus. Signs mark interesting natural features like groves of softwood and hardwood trees, various fungi, woodpecker holes, red oaks and a large number of mature hemlock trees. Our campus is surrounded by wooded areas, offering amazing glimpses of nature. You can often spot chickadees, Canada geese, ducks, chipmunks, and the occasional deer, blue heron and pileated woodpecker along the trails and in our ponds.

Pick up a trail map and enjoy the great outdoors this fall and winter on our walking trails!

For more about the Orono Land Trust trail system, visit oronolandtrust.org.

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