Gardening is Good for You

Those April showers are bringing plenty of May flowers — and our gardens have started in a hurry. Gardening is an activity enjoyed by all age groups, but did you know it’s also good for you? From fighting depression to helping you eat right, here are just a few of the ways your garden helps you grow…

Fresh Produce

If you have a vegetable garden, you can grow healthy organic fruits and veggies and know exactly where they came from. Fresh produce is great for heart health and fighting obesity. And it’s better for the environment — since veggies from your background or patio don’t have to be packaged or trucked anywhere, but simply walked straight to your kitchen to enjoy!

Stress Reducer

If you’ve gardened in the past, you probably understand the sensory experience of connecting with nature, watching things grow and enjoying the literal fruits of your labor. Disconnecting from screens, digging in the earth, being outside and enjoying the sounds and sights of nature can help reduce your stress levels, improve your mental health and fight depression. Add colorful flowers with nice smelling blooms to your garden for an extra mood-booster.

Staying Active 

The bending, kneeling, digging and stretching required to garden not only burns calories, but helps keep you limber and strong. The physical activity involved in gardening help prevent heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

A Social Event

At Dirigo Pines, gardening is a great way to connect with neighbors and find common interests. Our cottage residents have grown incredible gardens throughout the campus for all to enjoy. And Dirigo offers raised bed plots to all Inn residents in a community space that comes to life in the summer with fantastic color and fruit. It’s a fun spot for residents to gather and share their work, as well as share the delicious fruits of their labors with other residents.

Because gardening is a goal-oriented activity, you’re even more likely to stick with it than a regular exercise routine like hitting the treadmill at the gym. With the prospect of beautiful blooms and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer and fall, gardening is an easy routine to stick with.

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