Comparing Costs — Preparing for Winter

Maine winters are no joke — which is why so many Mainers are snowbirds and fly south for the winter. One of the great parts about living at Dirigo Pines is knowing your home will be well looked after, whether you stay put or head south. From snow removal to furnace prep, there’s lots to consider as the snow starts to fly. 

Here are a few of the ways living at Dirigo Pines is a convenient place to be come winter.

  • Wind, snow and ice often leave their mark by the end of the winter. Paying for home repairs and maintenance adds up quickly. General maintenance and building repairs are included at Dirigo.
  • Ice and changing temperatures can leave paint and trim work chipped and in need of touch-up when spring comes. Painting or pressure washing your siding is included for Dirigo cottage residents.
  • Cleaning your chimney and furnace before the snow flies is standard issue for most Mainers. For Dirigo Pines residents, these costs and services are all included.
  • Any singles come loose during the winter? Major home repairs like a new roof are big ticket items. Keep those in mind as you’re comparing the cost of staying at home versus a retirement community.
  • Cleaning the leaves and fall debris from the gutters is a potentially dangerous job for older residents, but paying someone else to climb the ladder can be expensive. This kind of maintenance is included at Dirigo.
  • Don’t let your trash stack up in the garage during the winter or get buried in the snow. Trash removal is included at Dirigo. Whether you’re paying for a dump permit and hauling trash away yourself or paying to have it picked up, keep these costs in mind.
  • Snow removal is included at Dirigo Pines. Whether you’re saving the cost of plowing or the toll plowing might take on your back, remember to include this in your comparison.

Maintaining a home is time-consuming and often a labor-intensive task. The monthly maintenance fee at Dirigo Pines includes all maintenance inside and outside of the cottage, including:

  • All lawn and garden upkeep
  • Snow removal
  • Internet
  • Cable television
  • General maintenance, even washing the windows inside and out once a year

All cottages have two bedrooms, two baths, living room/dining room, porch, and one-car garage. All appliances are furnished. Many options are available, including a second garage, basement, loft, flooring upgrades, cathedral ceiling, and window box seats. Many custom design options are available as well.

Ready to learn more? Call 866-344-3400 or email

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