Avoiding Falls this Fall

We’re all a little accident-prone now and then, but there are many ways we can reduce our risk of falling — which is particularly important as we age. Falls are the number one cause of injury for seniors. Did you know that about half of all falls requiring hospitalization take place at home? Here are some tips for reducing your risk and kicking off the autumn season standing tall. 

Simple Steps

The easiest thing to do: wear shoes and pick up clutter around your home. Socks are slippery. Give yourself extra traction with a good pair of shoes and remove any objects that might trip you up — especially at night or when the lights are dim. Keep an eye out for long cords that could trip you up and area rugs that slip and slide. Another common cause of tripping — pets. Fido doesn’t mean to get in the way, so keep an eye out for cats and dogs and tread carefully. Taking more deliberate steps and slowing down will increase your chances of avoiding a fall.

Light It Up

Between fading vision and shorter autumn days, night lights can be a real lifesaver. Line your halls — particularly paths from the bedroom to the bathroom and other well-traveled night time spots — with well-lit night lights to guide the way.

Grab Hold

Grab bars in the bathroom and along stairs and awkward steps can help keep you upright. Getting in and out of the bathtub or shower or up from the toilet can be tricky, so strategically place grab bars and handrails to help you along. The Maintenance crew at Dirigo Pines would be happy to help install these safety devices properly.

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