4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Retirement Community

As summer trips and vacations wind down, some of us close to retirement age start doing some real thinking about wrapping up our professional careers. The idea of being able to take a trip at a moment’s notice, without considering work schedules or who will watch the house or care for the yard, can sound very appealing. As you prepare for retirement and consider your options, here are 4 things to think about…

Starting the Process

There are lots of ways to research nowadays – the internet offers a wealth of information about retirement communities (find Dirigo Pines website at dirigopines.com). But one of the best ways to research is asking trusted friends and family for their recommendations. And when you find a community you think you’d enjoy – get the inside scoop. Take a tour, talk to residents and get their opinion on what they love and what they’d change. At Dirigo Pines, we offer tours and lunch and an opportunity to chat with residents and get your questions answered. Call 1-866-344-3400 or email info@dirigopines.com for more information or to schedule a tour.

Where Do You Want to Retire?

If you have family and friends in Maine, you’ll like want to stay close to home. One of the best things about living in Orono is being centrally located and just a short drive from all points north, south, east and west. And while many Mainers thrive on the cold weather and take advantage of the snow for skiing and snowshoeing, many of Dirigo Pines residents are also snowbirds. As they head for warmer weather during the coldest part of the year, Dirigo residents can rest assured their homes are being maintained and looked after without hiring extra help.

Can We Afford It?

Does a retirement community make sense financially for you? It’s a big question. The best way to figure it out is putting pen to paper and comparing your current expenses with your expected retirement expenses. Remember to include regular expenses like electric and cable, but also keep in mind big ticket expenses like that new roof or furnace. Many home expenses, both regular and unexpected, are included for Dirigo Pines residents. Check out our interactive maps comparing costs inside and outside your home.

Does the Facility Offer the Care We Need?

Do you need special care – or will you need care in the future? The last thing you want to do in your retirement is be constantly moving as your healthcare needs change. Choosing a community like Dirigo Pines that offers a continuum of care, from independent cottages and apartments to assisted living to memory care, ensures you will have the care you need as you age. 

Ready to learn more? Come take a tour! See for yourself what retirement at Dirigo Pines looks like. Call 1-866-344-3400 or email info@dirigopines.com for more information or to schedule a tour.

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