Cats on Laps

A therapy dog visits the Memory Loss Neighborhood.

The benefits of a four-legged friend are well known – from providing purpose and companionship to being a calming presence, Dirigo Pines also recognized and appreciates the importance of pets. Cats and dogs play a special role for many families, which is why Dirigo Pines is a pet-friendly facility. We are home to many animals at the Inn and in our cottages, offering residents the companionship, love and compassion that only a furry friend can give.

In addition to regular visits from a variety of therapy animals, cats from the Bangor Humane Society have also been making the rounds through the Cats on Laps program. Cats (and some dogs too) up for adoption are traveling to area senior centers, offering a chance to cuddle a kitten and also help socialized the animals before they are adopted. 

Check out a local news story about the program here:

Science shows that pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity. In addition, pets are great companions, helping to reduce loneliness and depression. Those are some pretty impressive tricks!

For more about the Bangor Humane Society, click here:  

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