Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors (and Everyone!)

vacuum-cleaner-268179_1280Tis the season for opening the windows, dusting off the shelves and doing a little spring cleaning! Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting, but there are some ways you can make this year a little tidier and safer. Here are some tips:

  • Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet: We’ve all got old half-empty bottles of cough syrup and other medications kicking around from a long-ago affliction. It’s time to check the expiration dates and toss the olds in the trash. Many medications do not retain their potency or effectiveness after the expiration date – so it’s time to trash them. 
  • Declutter: Particularly in those heavy traffic areas like hallways, doorways and entrances – make sure you’re cleaning a good space and not leaving any tripping hazards behind. 
  • Ask for Help: As you’re cleaning and decluttering, ask for help when it comes to moving heavy furniture or reaching awkward or high spaces. No matter our age, we should be taking advantage of lightweight and cordless cleaning tools to avoid unnecessary climbing and twisting to clean odd spaces. The Dirigo Pines Maintenance Staff is happy to assist residents who need help changing an awkward light bulb or reaching a high space. 
  • Change the Batteries in your Smoke Detectors: Spring ahead and make sure your smoke detector batteries are up-to-date for safety. Did you know that at Dirigo Pines, our Maintenance Staff will help with chores like this too?

Happy cleaning!

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