cat-205757_1920Volunteering is a great way to serve our communities and our souls. Dirigo Pines residents regularly gather funds to help the Alzheimer’s Association, a favorite charity for residents and staff alike. Here are few other ways to volunteer and help out in the Orono and Bangor area. 

  1. Help a furry friend. The Bangor Humane Society is a nonprofit organization serving over 200 communities in northern and eastern Maine. The shelter’s wish list includes canned dog and cat food, new or used blankets, sheets, towels and washcloths, dog and cat treats, paper towels and more. Click here for the full list. Interested in volunteering? They need dog walkers, help cleaning cat kennels, doing laundry, socializing with kitties, and more. Click here for details. 
  2. Enjoy cooking for others? Just dropping a meal to neighbor is a great and simple way to spread some love in your area. There are also lots of soup kitchens in the area that would love your help! Volunteer to cook and/or serve a meal. The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter is a great place to provide a meal – whether it’s just one time or on a regular schedule. Click here to learn more! 
  3. Speaking of donating food – there are lots of food pantries that need supplies. Good Shepherd Food Bank serves residents throughout the state, and accepts donations at their Hampden facility. They are also always looking for volunteers. Click here to learn more. Like driving? Meal on Wheels needs volunteers to deliver food! Find details on volunteermaine.org.
  4. Local hospitals are another great way to find regular volunteer opportunities. Both Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital are always looking for great volunteers. The Ronald McDonald House in Bangor, which provides a home-away-from-home for families of ill or seriously injured children, is another service looking for volunteers right now!

Want more volunteer ideas? Visit volunteermaine.org to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! What’s your favorite way to give back? Share your volunteer ideas!

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