4 Tips for a Healthy Heart

pillow-1738023_1280February, full of hearts and love, is the perfect time to think about your actual heart – the beating one that keeps you going every day. Here are four simple ways to love your heart and celebrate American Heart Month.

  1. Rein in Stress. Slow down, let it go, get together with friends, write your feelings down, and get organized. So many things contribute to stress in our lives and there are lots of little ways we can reduce it. Change the things that you can and let the rest go. Ahhh! Feeling better already!
  2. Move and Groove. Regular physical activity is not only a good stress reliever, it also lowers your risk of heart disease. Walking, swimming, biking, dancing – all great ways to move and have fun doing it! Click for some great ways to stay active at Dirigo.
  3. Zzzzz. Getting the recommended 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night will do a world of good for your heart, stress levels, mood and more. Reducing stress in your life, as well as reducing things like caffeine, can help get you in a more restful state if you’re having trouble sleeping.
  4. Laugh! LOL – Did you know laughing is good for you? It makes you feel good and reduces stress. So make a joke or watch a funny movie – and have a big laugh!

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