3 Holiday Gift Ideas that Celebrate Your Family History 

book-1667826_1920As children and grandchildren get older, gift giving becomes challenging. Some of the best gifts as those that are personal and meaningful. Take the role of unofficial family historian this holiday season and consider these gift ideas…

Cook book

It’s no secret that Great Grandma’s molasses crinkle cookies are the best – but the recipe is. Create a cookbook of those cherished family recipes that have brought everyone to the table over the years. Frame it out like a real cookbook with a section for entrees, side dishes, desserts and cookies. Better still – help those modern cooks by making suggestions for substitutions and replacements for “old fashioned” ingredients like lard.  

Family Tree

Who is better to write your family history than the eldest statesmen? Pass along a piece of personalized history by creating your family tree or ancestry. Want to really dig in? There are lots of websites available now that can help you research your family lineage, some for free or a small fee.

Special Hand-Me-Down

Is there a special antique or family heirloom you’ve been wanting to pass along? What better time to do it than the holidays. Make the season extra special by gifting something unique and sharing the history behind the piece. 

Have your own great idea? Share it in the comments section below!

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