3 Unexpected Things You’ll Discover on Dirigo’s Walking Trails

20160615_163318Before the snow flies, take advantage of a crisp autumn afternoon with a walk along the trails at Dirigo Pines. Our trail system connects in with the Orono Land Trust’s Sklar Park trail system, a 40-acre parcel situated at the west end of Main St., between Route 2 and I-95. Among the falling leaves and occasional wildlife, you’ll find some interesting features, outlined in our trail brochures which were developed by our residents and are available at the trail entrance behind the Dirigo Pines Inn. 

In addition to a variety of plant life, fungi, and trees of all kinds, there are a few unexpected things to spot on our trails. Play your own game of “I Spy” and see if you can spot these natural features:

  • Glacial Boulders: Part of the till deposited by the last glacier about 16,000 years ago, these boulders are made up of granite, gneiss, silt stone and quartzite from as far away as the St. Lawrence River.
  • Woodpecker Holes: As trees die and insects invade, woodpeckers excavate cavities in search of food. The round holes are made by downy and hairy woodpeckers, while the larger oval cavities are made by pileated woodpeckers. Wood peckers use the cavities for nesting, as do a variety of secondary nesters like wood ducks, raccoons, squirrels and chickadees. As winter approaches, as many as 25 to 30 chickadees, kinglets and nuthatches will huddle in a tree cavity overnight for warmth.
  • Wire & Rock Walls: Along a short side trail, you’ll find strands of wire imbedded in a hemlock tree suggesting the area that is now Dirigo Pines Cottage Community was once farmed or grazed prior to being developed. Many large trees were left untouched along the property lines. Up behind the water tower, there are very large oaks, pines and hemlocks straddling old rock walls.

For more about our trails, click here. Tell us what you discover on our trails!

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