Discover Dirigo: Meet Merrill Milham & Ann Davidoff

20150713_192802_resizedMerrill Milham & Ann Davidoff were living in Maryland when they began researching retirement communities.

“It took us 10 years to decide on a location for our retirement. We researched retirement communities from Maine to Oregon.” 

In search of a spot to escape the oppressive summer heat and humidity, they discovered Dirigo Pines in Orono. The fell in love with the natural landscaping, proximity to the University of Maine, the friendly town of Orono and the reasonable cost when compared to other retirement communities they visited. 

“We settled on Dirigo Pines, where we would be able to customize our cottage as it was being built for us. We were impressed by the skills of our builder and the ways in which we were able to adapt the features of our home to suit our lifestyle.”

Having built other homes in the past, they were very impressed with how easy it was at Dirigo Pines. They were happy that such a high level of customization was available when planning their cottage. They were able to fence their yard for their dogs, add a laundry room and adjust the size of different rooms.

The construction and maintenance staff have become like family to them. And they love taking advantage of free classes at the University, concerts at the Collins Center for the Arts, and activities at the New Balance Recreation Center. 

“We enjoy the Dirigo Pines nature trail, which connects to the Orono Land Trust trail system. Orono is an attractive, small, university town with locally owned restaurants and shops.”

Are you ready to discover Dirigo Pines? Call 1-866-344-3400 or email

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