7 FAQs About Assisted Living

BackPatioViewTightWhen it comes to assisted living, we understand that you may have many questions. Dirigo Pines staff has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear and some answers to help you in your search.

  1. What is the difference between the Assisted Living and Special Care areas? In terms of the experience, you ask for help when you are in Assisted Living. You are offered help if you are in Special Care. We use multiple factors in determining a need to move from Assisted Living to Specialized Care – acuity of illness, need for around the clock observation, extent of assistance, level of ambulation/adaption, etc. These factors will be discussed routinely in Service Plan meetings and are seldom a surprise to anyone. There is a list of Activities of Daily Living which is used as a checklist to evaluate how much assistance the resident will require. The number of activities the resident needs help with, as well as the amount of time required for those activities, determines whether the resident is in Assisted Living or Specialized Care. This decision is made by the nursing director, medical director, and the resident’s physician.
  2. How many nursing staff are on duty? Dirigo residents have the comfort of knowing nursing staff is available on call or on site 24-7 with Medical Director oversight should a problem arise. In Assisted Living, healthcare staff (CNAs and/or CRMAs) is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Can I keep my current physician? You can choose your own doctors, pharmacies, and therapists, and you can use Dirigo’s transportation to get to your appointments. In the event you are too weak or sick to go out, the nursing staff keeps extensive notes and records on how the resident is doing, so the resident’s doctor may be able to assist over the phone.
  4. What is a Service Plan? A Service Plan is a detailed clinical plan that outlines your care needs. All disciplines involved in care contribute to this plan. An initial plan will be put in place the day you arrive. Within 30 days, a very specific plan will be accomplished for your long term goals and needs. At that time, a meeting will be held with the clinical team, the resident and family. Team meetings are designed to keep all members in the loop in terms of resident need, change in condition, decline or need for increased support.
  5. Can couples live together in assisted living and specialized care? Couples can be accommodated in the Deluxe and Regency size assisted living apartments. Couples can live together on specialized care. Couples can also live together on memory loss, but both need a diagnosis of dementia.
  6. Are the apartments furnished or do we bring our own furniture? Apartments are generally not furnished although we do have dressers and night tables available on a first-come basis for specialized care residents only. If needed, you should discuss the need for a hospital bed with your physician; it may be covered by Medicare. Rooms are equipped with cable television at no charge, but we do not provide television sets.
  7. What about pictures for the walls and curtains for the windows? Can Dirigo’s Maintenance people hang them for us? Yes. In fact, Dirigo prefers to do the hanging and at no charge.

Assisted Living gives you freedom to enjoy life’s many pleasures unburdened from daily tasks that may have become difficult. Tailored to meet your individual requirements, the Assisted Living Program at Dirigo Pines provides help with personal care and medications whenever needed. In addition, three meals are served daily. Housekeeping and laundry service are provided on a bi-weekly basis. Nursing staff is available around the clock with Medical Director oversight.

Click here to learn more and hear one resident’s perspective on Dirigo Pines Inn living.

Contact Ann or Susan for a tour of Dirigo Pines by calling 1-866-344-3400 or email info@dirigopines.com.

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