Meet John and Marisue Pickering

Wine-on-Patio-9-2012Longtime Orono residents John and Marisue Pickering moved to Dirigo Pines early in the development of retirement community, picking the location of their cottage before it was even built. Living near family and grandchildren was very important to them, as well as access to a major medical center and continuing to enjoy the services and events offered through the nearby University of Maine.

“We started planning in our mid-60’s. We knew we wanted to stay near the University of Maine. We wanted to be able to continue to attend performances at the Collins Center for the Arts, exhibits at the Hudson Museum, and classes at the New Balance Recreation Center. Living near a major medical center was also very important to us. Building a cottage at Dirigo Pines allowed us to continue all of our favorite activities, stay near our friends and grandchildren, and have a home that would be easier to live in and maintain as we grow older.”

As they considered the modifications and repairs that would be needed for their house, including a new roof, new garage, and an additional bathroom on the main living level of their home, the numbers started adding up. Comparing those expenses with the cost of building a cottage at Dirigo Pines, they discovered that their monthly budget would only increase slightly and they would have the added benefit of a more appropriately sized, single story home in case mobility ever became an issue in the future.

“When we sat down to look at our budget, we were happy to discover that a cottage at Dirigo Pines was only slightly more expensive than the cost of the changes needed to make to our single family home workable as we aged,” said the Pickerings.

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