Connecting in the New Year

Happy New Year! Let’s ring in 2016 with a pledge to make some changes for the better. Connecting better and staying close with family and loved ones is a common theme in resolutions, and there are lots of ways to stay connected with those near and far. Here are a few ideas, and how to get it done…

  • Schedule regular get-togethers. If your family is close by, how about scheduling a regular dinner or lunch get-together? Keep it simple – like the first Thursday of the month – so everyone can plan ahead. Orono and nearby Bangor are loaded with great restaurants, or invite the gang to Dirigo for a home-cooked meal or dinner catered by the Dirigo dining staff. Did you know you can reserve the Dirigo Pines dining room for your own event?
  • Up your tech game. If you have family further away and regular physical get-togethers aren’t an option, try social media and video calls. Connecting on Facebook is an easy way to stay up-to-date with grandkids and great-grandkids, instantly see photos, watch videos they post and more. And Facebook messages are similar to texting, providing a quick and simple way to check in with loved ones. See our post on connecting to Facebook here. A webcam or camera on your smart phone is another great way to connect, face-to-face, via Facetime, Skype or another video messaging service. It’s a chance to see your loved one while you chat and be better connected.
  • Write a letter. While it’s important for people of all ages to feel comfortable with technology, receiving an old fashioned letter is just as much fun as it used to be – maybe more! Many young people may never have experienced writing and receiving real mail – so why not become pen pals with your grandchildren? It’s a unique way to strengthen your bond and share what’s happening in both of your lives.
  • Share your recipes. Healthy eating is another familiar resolution, so how about sharing your favorite recipes with neighbors and family? A healthy recipe swap (you could even make it a potluck event!) is a great way to share ideas with those nearby and kick the New Year off right. (Check out the Dirigo Dish feature on this blog for lots of great heart-healthy recipes!) Passing down family recipes is another great way to connect with loved ones and sure to be appreciated by future generations. No one wants the recipe for Gramma’s Famous Sugar Cookies to disappear!

Have your own ideas for connecting with loved ones this New Year? Share them below!

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