Discover Dirigo: Comparing Costs

Dirigo-Inn-Entrance-in-snow-1-2011We do not always realize what our true, total cost of living is because we never take the time to add up all of the expenses of home ownership. When compared to what Dirigo Pines has to offer for independent living at the Inn, many people are surprised at how affordable it can be to live in luxury.

Click here to download our cost comparison sheet. It can be simple to compare mortgage and condo fees, but have you thought about the cost of snow plowing, lawn care, trash pick-up, or security services? What about maintenance costs – not just for your home, but appliances too. When you consider that the cost of laundry services, cable and internet, housekeeping, exercise room and more are all included in one monthly fee at Dirigo Pines, you’ll find how affordable and convenient retirement living can be.

To schedule a visit and learn more, call 866-344-3400 or email

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